Acetaminophen Dosing

The following table gives acetaminophen dosing guidelines by weight. It can be used for the different products available, including Tylenol, Tempra, Panadol, and generics. Acetaminophen can be administered every four hours.
Acetaminophen is a very effective medicine for fever and for pain. It has no effect on other symptoms related to a cold. Please remember to never use acetaminophen for INFANTS UNDER FOUR MONTHS OF AGE without talking to our office first. If your child has a stiff neck, is unusually lethargic or unresponsive, or might be dehydrated please call our office immediately.
Note that the infant drops and the children's syrup have very different concentrations. Use only the dropper provided with the infant drops to measure their dosing, and use a teaspoon to measure the dose of the children's syrup.
Be aware that many over-the-counter cold and cough preparations also contain acetaminophen. Use of these products along with an acetaminophen preparation may result in a dangerous overdose.In general, we recommend single-ingredient medications whenever possible.
Acetaminophen is also available as a rectal suppository for use in children who refuse to take medicine by mouth or who are vomiting. The brand name is Feverall, and it is available in most pharmacies. This medication can be very helpful when used appropriately, but dosing guidelines vary. Use rectal acetaminophen only on the recommendation of our office.

Weight Dose   Infant Oral Suspension **
Children's Syrup
80 mg Chewables 160 mg Chewables
6-12 lbs 40 mg  
1.25 ml
12-17 lbs 80 mg  
2.5 ml
2.5 ml    
18-23lbs 120 mg  
3.75 ml
4 ml    
24-35 lbs 160 mg  
5 ml
5 ml 2 1
36-47 lbs 240 mg     7.5 ml 3 1.5
48-59 lbs 320 mg     10 ml 4 2
60-71 lbs 400 mg     12.5 ml 5 2.5
72-95 lbs 480 mg     15 ml 6 3
95+ lbs 640 mg     20 ml 8 4
**As of July 2011, Infant Drops (80mg/0.8ml) will be phased out. Infant Oral Suspension (160mg/5ml) will take its place and include a syringe designed specifically for this medication. Note the change in concentration! 
Please pay close attention to the concentration and dosing instructions on the package for accurate administration.