Adolescent Policy

As our young patients grow older, they take more responsibility for themselves and for their own health care. We want you to know that we view them as our patients, and that our primary concern and responsibility is for them and for their needs. We encourage our adolescent and young adult patients to speak with us directly, and to feel free to discuss with us any concerns that they may have about their health and their bodies. We encourage our patients to decide whether and when they would like to be alone or to have a parent accompany them in the exam room. We will provide staff chaperones for any part of the exam when requested.

On some occasions, there will be issues that our patients discuss with us that will be confidential in nature. We encourage discussion of these issues, because we feel that our patients deserve the right to have a physician who can listen to these issues and respond to them. We hope that you will agree that the alternative is not acceptable.

It is our policy when dealing with adolescent and young adult patients to keep confidential any issues that our patients request of us, with the sole exception of issues that might be serious enough to be life threatening.

We enjoy taking care of adolescents, particularly the excitement of watching them develop into independent young adults. We hope that you will agree that these procedures and policies will help all of us to ensure that our patients continue to have access to the quality health care that they deserve.