Faces of Framingham Pediatrics

Our staff is the best!  We are so proud of them!  They are ready to assist you on the telephone or in the office.  They provide exceptional service and are committed to ensuring that you and your child(ren) have as pleasant an experience as possible at Framingham Pediatrics. 

Pam Corsi has been in the field of Medical Office Administration for over 28 years with experience in both Pediatrics and Internal Medicine.  Pam has a strong committment to customer service and would love to hear how you think we are doing.   

Tracy Locke our Assistant Office Manager has been helping families at Framigham Pediatrics for 15 years.  Patients and staff alike appreciate her experience, compassion and enthusiasm.

Hannah Vereker, our Medical Home Coordinator, assists many of our families with complicated medical issues.  In addition, she welcomes our new families.  To read more about our Patient Centered Medical Home click here.

Linda PelletierKaren McLaughlin, Donna Cacciola, Susan Drayton, Meredith Akins, Laurie Kett, and Toni Benhaim will kindly greet you at our front desk and take your calls.  They are supported behind the scenes by Cindi Saponaro

Joyce Silva, RN, our Nurse Manager has been with Framingham Pediatrics for over 20 years.  She works closely with the doctors and is an integral part of our leadership team.  Joyce also supervises our clinical staff including our experienced and dedicated nurses Linda Maregni, RN, JoEllen Doyle, RN, Ellen Stenmon, RN, Sharon Mastrangelo, RN, Christine daSilva, RN, Stephanie Cohen, RN, PNP,  
Fernanda Costa, RN, and Melissa Escalante, LPN as well as our Medical Assistants Nicole Stornaiuolo, Deana Tejada, Monica Paiz and Lindsay Plante.  Our nurses work closely with our physicians and are always available to answer your medical and childcare questions, both in the office and over the phone.


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Pam Corsi


Joyce Silva, RN

Meredith Akins

Fernanda Costa, RN

Linda Pelletier

Cindi Saponaro

Melissa Escalante, LPN

Hannah Vereker



Linda Maregni, RN


Christine daSilva, RN

Sharon Mastrangelo, RN

Donna Cacciola

Monica Paiz

Ellen Stenmon, RN

JoEllen Doyle, RN.


Nicole Stornaiuolo


Lindsay Plante