Let's Talk About Teen Driving

Spring and summer are the seasons of proms, graduations, and outdoor activities. Sadly, they have also become the seasons of motor vehicle accidents related to drinking, drugs, and young drivers. We have seen fatal automobile accidents involving young people in our own communities in each of the past several years. Many of us have been personally touched by these incidents.
We encourage our teenage patients and their parents to spend some time this spring talking about the very real dangers inherent in driving, particularly for inexperienced drivers. Alcohol and drugs are the most talked about risk factors for automobile accidents, but there are many others. Below are links to some sites on the web that will help enlighten these discussions. In addition, please take a look at our Teen Driver Contract, adopted from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Please consider using this contract in your family. It can be printed right off our site. 

Framingham Pediatrics Teen Driver Contract

Information on Teen Driving from the National Safety Council

Impaired Driving Fact Sheet

Teen Drivers Fact Sheet