Phone Calls

Our Morning Call-in Time is from 8:30 to 9:00 daily.  During this time our nurses, nurse practitioner and physicians are available to answer your questions and concerns. Since we work as a team in our office, if your primary care provider is not available, one of our other medical team is available to help you.  This is a good time to discuss the management of an acute illness, routine child care, behavior or development issues that may involve your child.  

The phones are open during our regular office hours, with the exception of lunch (12:00-1:00p.m.).  We are always available for emergency calls through our answering service.

Our nurses are trained to handle many of the problems that may arise and are willing to answer your questions and determine whether and how quickly your child needs to be seen.  If a nurse is unavailable at the time of your call you will receive a call back as soon as possible.

If you feel that your child needs to be seen by the doctor, we ask that you call early in the day so that we can accomodate your scheduling requests.  If you are not sure whether the child needs to be seen or not, please call during the morning call-in time to speak with one of the nurse or with your doctor.

It is helpful if you have a pencil and paper with you when you call, so that you can easily make notes. A list of questions you want to ask might also be helpful. 

If you are calling for a Medication Refill or think that we might need to call your pharmacy, please have the pharmacy phone number available when you call.

If you are calling about an insurance referral, please call our  Referral Telephone Line (508) 879-1226 any time of the day or night and leave the information requested on the tape. The tape is checked twice daily during the week, and referrals will be processed promptly by our staff.

A Special Note to Families With Caller ID On Their Telephones:

If you are expecting a call from our office or the on-call provider, please be sure to disable the Anonymous Call Rejection feature on your telephone. This can be done by dialing *87 on your phone at any time.