Reach Out and Read

Framingham Pediatrics has recently received a grant to join the Reach Out and Read program. Originally developed in 1989 at Boston City Hospital, ROR is now a national program promoting early childhood literacy as part of routine pediatric care. With funding from federal and state governments, as well as from private foundations, ROR provides grants to pediatric providers to purchase books for distribution at routine well child care visits. 
Beginning in early April 2003, the pediatricians at Framingham Pediatrics will give each child a new, developmentally appropriate book at every healthy visit between 6 months and 5 years of age. We hope to emphasize the importance of reading aloud to children at very young ages, to introduce young children to the pleasures of books, and to provide information to families about the relationship between early reading and later success with literacy and academic achievement. 
Research on brain development continues to demonstrate the importance of early and frequent stimulation of young children's minds. (Click here for more information.) In addition, we know that reading to children beginning in the first months of life helps them to develop an interest and attachment to books that will last for years. Good reading skills are an important part of life-long learning, and these skills can be improved by encouraging children of all ages to read for pleasure on a regular basis.
The physicians at Framingham Pediatrics are strong believers in the value of reading for children of all ages. We encourage all parents to make reading an important part of their children's lives. Start reading to your infant in the early months of life, and continue regularly until he or she can read with you and then by himself or herself. Make reading a part of your child's daily routine! Don't let television and video games take the place of the mind stimulation that should come from reading.
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