Youth and School Violence

Dear Patients and Families:

Recent incidents of youth and school violence nationally and in our own community continue to shock us. While we would like to think that incidents like those that occurred in Colorado and San Diego could never happen in our own neighborhood, it is beginning to seem like it is only a matter of time before a similar episode does affect somebody we know and love.

To help decrease violence in our schools and elsewhere, the following steps must be taken:

  • Provide a loving and supportive home and family environment
  • Prevent children from witnessing and being the victims of violence
  • Teach children how to deal with anger and conflict from a very young age
  • Encourage tolerance and understanding of the differences among each of us
  • Prevent bullying from happening in school and elsewhere
  • Eliminate access to guns and other weapons
  • Decrease exposure to violence in the media and help children to understand that media violence is not an accurate representation of violence in real life.
  • Identify children at risk by understanding risk factors for violence in children
  • Impress upon our children that threats about violence are NO JOKE and will be taken seriously by all around them, including the legal system
  • Encourage children and adolescents to report their concerns about peers to proper authorities
  • Ensure proper response to reports of concern, including evaluation, counseling and education

Please join us at Framingham Pediatrics as we try to understand and learn what can be done to help our children avoid this epidemic of violence. Over the next several months we will present materials to help all of us learn more about the causes of violence in our society, and about what each of us can do to help prevent it. We hope you will share this information with your family and use it as a basis for discussion at home. Please feel free to share these resources with friends and schoolmates as well. We encourage you to discuss these issues with your physician in the office and we would welcome any feedback you have on this program.

Click here for a listing of resources on the web that deal with youth and school violence and some of the related issues mentioned above.

Thank you for your attention to this most important issue.

The physicians and staff of Framingham Pediatrics